LOVE Matters


We all have hopes and dreams and goals that we wish and thrive to accomplish. We wake up early in the morning, we stay up late at night, all in an effort to do better, be better than we did, we were yesterday. Sometimes we dubb ourselves with various self-congratulatory words and phrases: “I’m an overachiever, I work hard, I’m a go-getter, I’m the best at what I do, etcetera”…But have you thought for one moment  that maybe there’s more out there: more to do, more to be? Is life really all about our daily routines and aiming for the zenith? What about LOVE? What if we could say: “I’m an over-lover, I LOVE hard, I’m a love-getter, I’m the best at loving, etcetera”…LOVE is really all that Matters. This is the only thing that we are truly required to share with others. We don’t have to sound the trumpet when it comes to expressing our LOVE for others because LOVE is actually deaf.

However, if we take the time to show others (by our actions) that we LOVE them, then they will know that we truly LOVE them. Parents, especially need to show unconditional LOVE to their children. As parents, you are the first line of defense; you are all that your child will ever know about LOVE: You are LOVE PERSONIFIED in your child’s eyes. Therefore, it is imperative that you not only tell your children that you LOVE them, but more importantly this LOVE needs to be expressed in actions. LOVE Matters in the home so much more than outside the home.

There is so much hatred out there and so little love. Will you take a stand for LOVE? Will you LOVE even if loving is slowly going out of style? Really, in the end ONLY LOVE MATTERS: the love you receive and the one you give away. One day we will all stand before our Creator, and we will have to answer to Him when He asks us, “What did you do with LOVE: the one that you received and the one that you DID NOT give away”? We cannot afford to be so preoccupied with life that we put LOVE on the back burner. LOVE MATTERS. Every night, before you head to bed, ask yourself this simple question: “Have I LOVE today?” If the answer is “No”, you have tomorrow, a second chance to LOVE.



  1. Love is truly amazing and simple and pure and good and at the same time, so many of us don’t think we deserve it. Its too amazing too simple too pure and too good that our doubt and fear and self pity says i can never obtain it and if I can never obtain it then I can never give it.

    Its that lie that infiltrates the world. It infiltrates our hearts and we really got to be intentional and be “love-getters” and “over-lovers” and

    embrace true love that is patient and kind. That doesn’t envy nor boast to eradicate the lie within ourselves to then erase it in others. But it starts within Me. Thank you for sharing, Poet.

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