Life on a Track Field

You have to go through life with the vision that it’s a TRACK FIELD: each one of us on a lane with a different starting point. You cannot look at what the person on your right is doing and thinking you ought to be doing the same thing. NO. Nor can you focus at the person behind you and thinking that you’re faster than him or her. NO. And you definitely cannot consider the person ahead of you as being faster than you. NO. You have to stay in your own lane and pay attention to your own speed. For if your eyes are wandering left and right, up and down, this will slow you down.

Think about the last time you were at a track meet or maybe you were watching it from home. Do you recall how focused the runners were? Did you notice that as they were running, their gaze were straight ahead?

Runners know that the only thing that matters at this moment in time is the goal that they set for themselves.

Think about the goals that you have for your life. You are on a TRACK FIELD along with many other runners with goals quite different from your own. If you focus your energy on anyone else’s goals, you’ll always come up short, you’ll always feel as if you are not working hard enough, or you’re not enough. NO. Focus on your goals and the speed at which you are running after them.

If you keep focusing on that coworker who got the promotion that you wanted, or that friend who get the job that you applied for you might lose speed. Keep on running in your OWN lane, and you will eventually get to your OWN FINISH LINE.

Did your best friend get married before you did? Stay in your lane. Did your neighbor just bought the new Lexus that you dreamed of? Focus on your speed. Did your sister buy the new house that you couldn’t get approved for? Stay in your OWN lane.

The moment that your eyes start wandering into other people’s lanes (lives), you start losing focus of the race that you are running.

The TRACK FIELD of life has multiple finish lines–unlike the track field that can be physically seen. That’s why you cannot afford to lose focus while running because you might just step foot on someone’s else’s lane and so miss your FINISH LINE.

Don’t worry about others reaching their finish lines before you; you have your OWN personal FINISH LINE and NO ONE will get in FIRST place other than YOU.


So, run at your own pace, and stay in your lane.

Remember that just because someone is ahead of you does not necessarily mean that he or she is running faster than you– (This is something that I learn in driving–the car ahead of you is not always driving faster than you). We all have our OWN personal FINISH LINES on the TRACK FIELD called LIFE. Maybe yours is just a little bit further…



  1. Well said Poet1999! One other advise can be to concentrate on the shoes that you yourself, are wearing. One may think that the shoes that friends and acquaintances are wearing look comfortable on their feet but, they can also hurt them as hell. Stop gazing at success, be a success yourself! That will definitely be a game changer for anyone who tries!

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