Being Single: Part 2

Sometimes, the Loneliness just creeps up on you like a clown who’s ready to give you a fright.

It (the Loneliness) just comes out of nowhere and demands to be given a place of residence.

Sometimes, the Loneliness wants to curl up in bed with you like a child clutching a teddy bear to sleep.

It (the Loneliness) just wants to hug you so tightly and never let go.

Sometimes, the Loneliness just wants you to throw a pity party for your three close friends: Me, Myself, and I.

It (the Loneliness) just wants you locked up in self-pity any day that ends in day.

Sometimes, the Loneliness just calls your name reminding you of what could have been and of what can’t be.

…And sometimes, just as abruptly as It comes, the Loneliness departs…and Companionship comes in.


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