A New Dream

The world doesn’t have space for our love;

No, it doesn’t allocate a spot for us

To plant our love.

The world doesn’t give us a place to cultivate our love;

To grow it, prune it, harvest it

And reap the crops thereof.

The world is too cruel for our

Love, too bitterly unfair.


Thus, I must dream a new dream;

We must dream a new dream:

One without you, without me.

A dream where there’s nothing but space in a world where

we can love freely, liberally, though separately.

We must dream a new dream where

we can give the love that we couldn’t, shouldn’t keep for ourselves.



  1. FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE! I think this poetry is written in a way to distort fact! Alternative facts are not reality… Sooooo, I beg to differ on that one! Literally, love is not that hard to find…we do not have to create another universe, or go to the mood to be with the one we desire to share our love unless we are seeking forbidden fruits, or knocking where the doors are already close. When we give love, we will receive love.. This is indeed a divine law! May love come always to those who give love! This is just an opinion readers! Don’t OVER THINKING IT! Poet1999 is stretching minds! Nicely written!

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