1000 Words

They say, “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” But sometimes, a thousand words is exactly what is needed in order to capture the picture that a digital camera can’t hold. Oftentimes, it doesn’t do the celebration or event justice if you just capture images. Most of the times, it is indeed better to just sit and soak in the image that is in front of you and relate them in words to someone else later, instead of trying to capture everything in a single shot. When you focus more on that one picture or recording, you miss out on the actual show that is taking place right in front of you.

These days, if you go to any major events such as a concert or a wedding or a graduation, you will notice almost everyone is watching the event through their camera lenses rather than enjoying the program. I mean, what is the point of that? Is it to relive the moment later or to go back and scrutinize it all? As a society, we have become so deeply attached to our personal electronic devices that we are almost unable to operate without their constant aids. We need them for our words (i.e. emojis), for our memory lands, our eyes, and everything else that the device can do, and we don’t wanna do for ourselves anymore.

What happened to us? Why don’t we use words anymore to express ourselves? Let’s be big boys and girls and use our words, shall we!?


  1. Yessss! I’ve noticed that the less I use my phone, the more i have to challenge myself to express what im trying to say. Challenge accepted.


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