Life on a Track Field

You have to go through life with the vision that it’s a TRACK FIELD: each one of us on a lane with a different starting point. You cannot look at what the person on your right is doing and thinking you ought to be doing the same thing. NO. Nor can you focus at the person behind you and thinking that you’re faster than him or her. NO. And you definitely cannot consider the person ahead of you as being faster than you. NO. You have to stay in your own lane and pay attention to your own speed. For if your eyes are wandering left and right, up and down, this will slow you down.

Think about the last time you were at a track meet or maybe you were watching it from home. Do you recall how focused the runners were? Did you notice that as they were running, their gaze were straight ahead?

Runners know that the only thing that matters at this moment in time is the goal that they set for themselves.

Think about the goals that you have for your life. You are on a TRACK FIELD along with many other runners with goals quite different from your own. If you focus your energy on anyone else’s goals, you’ll always come up short, you’ll always feel as if you are not working hard enough, or you’re not enough. NO. Focus on your goals and the speed at which you are running after them.

If you keep focusing on that coworker who got the promotion that you wanted, or that friend who get the job that you applied for you might lose speed. Keep on running in your OWN lane, and you will eventually get to your OWN FINISH LINE.

Did your best friend get married before you did? Stay in your lane. Did your neighbor just bought the new Lexus that you dreamed of? Focus on your speed. Did your sister buy the new house that you couldn’t get approved for? Stay in your OWN lane.

The moment that your eyes start wandering into other people’s lanes (lives), you start losing focus of the race that you are running.

The TRACK FIELD of life has multiple finish lines–unlike the track field that can be physically seen. That’s why you cannot afford to lose focus while running because you might just step foot on someone’s else’s lane and so miss your FINISH LINE.

Don’t worry about others reaching their finish lines before you; you have your OWN personal FINISH LINE and NO ONE will get in FIRST place other than YOU.


So, run at your own pace, and stay in your lane.

Remember that just because someone is ahead of you does not necessarily mean that he or she is running faster than you– (This is something that I learn in driving–the car ahead of you is not always driving faster than you). We all have our OWN personal FINISH LINES on the TRACK FIELD called LIFE. Maybe yours is just a little bit further…

LOVE Matters


We all have hopes and dreams and goals that we wish and thrive to accomplish. We wake up early in the morning, we stay up late at night, all in an effort to do better, be better than we did, we were yesterday. Sometimes we dubb ourselves with various self-congratulatory words and phrases: “I’m an overachiever, I work hard, I’m a go-getter, I’m the best at what I do, etcetera”…But have you thought for one moment  that maybe there’s more out there: more to do, more to be? Is life really all about our daily routines and aiming for the zenith? What about LOVE? What if we could say: “I’m an over-lover, I LOVE hard, I’m a love-getter, I’m the best at loving, etcetera”…LOVE is really all that Matters. This is the only thing that we are truly required to share with others. We don’t have to sound the trumpet when it comes to expressing our LOVE for others because LOVE is actually deaf.

However, if we take the time to show others (by our actions) that we LOVE them, then they will know that we truly LOVE them. Parents, especially need to show unconditional LOVE to their children. As parents, you are the first line of defense; you are all that your child will ever know about LOVE: You are LOVE PERSONIFIED in your child’s eyes. Therefore, it is imperative that you not only tell your children that you LOVE them, but more importantly this LOVE needs to be expressed in actions. LOVE Matters in the home so much more than outside the home.

There is so much hatred out there and so little love. Will you take a stand for LOVE? Will you LOVE even if loving is slowly going out of style? Really, in the end ONLY LOVE MATTERS: the love you receive and the one you give away. One day we will all stand before our Creator, and we will have to answer to Him when He asks us, “What did you do with LOVE: the one that you received and the one that you DID NOT give away”? We cannot afford to be so preoccupied with life that we put LOVE on the back burner. LOVE MATTERS. Every night, before you head to bed, ask yourself this simple question: “Have I LOVE today?” If the answer is “No”, you have tomorrow, a second chance to LOVE.

On Purpose

We have to start living on purpose. It’s high time that we do things on purpose; I mean those phenomena that will benefit us and our loved ones. For instance, be happy ON PURPOSE because believe it or not there are people out there who will on purpose make you mad or sad. Therefore, you have to PURPOSELY  be happy. Instead of focusing all your energy on how that person hurt you and how you can pay him or her back, use that energy to create your own happiness. And when you are happy, other people around you will catch the same breeze.

Next, love ON PURPOSE. Make it your business to love no matter what; the world has enough hatred already. When someone tries to hurt you to the core, choose love. That doesn’t mean you will let people walk all over you; it simply means that you will love that person because it can only help you. Choose love because you can and because you are strong; not because love is the most important thing but because it is in fact the ONLY thing. Love yourself ON PURPOSE. This means that you have to start being kind to yourself, be true and honest to your own self; love yourself enough to know how to genuinely love others. It is simply a fable to try to love other people while you don’t even love yourself.

Another thing that we need to capitalize on is doing good for ourselves and for others; and that we must do ON PURPOSE. Go out sometimes, find people to lend a hand to, be good to them ON PURPOSE knowing that it will benefit you a whole lot more than your mind can comprehend. The caveat is this, don’t expect the same people to return the favor; in fact don’t expect anything at all because that will defeat the purpose. Do good because it feels good, because it feels right, you feel whole, you feel human, it makes you happy.

Lastly, we have to forgive ourselves and others ON PURPOSE because that will be our HAPPINESS. Forgive yourself, don’t be so hard yourself. Forgive other people because you never know what they are going through.  Forgive because it will make your stay here easier; with less load to carry, your journey will be more bearable.

Many a times, we do good deeds by accident, and we do the wrong thing on purpose. Why not try doing the right things ON PURPOSE for a change? Why not be happy ON PURPOSE, love ON PURPOSE, doing good ON PURPOSE, forgive ourselves and others ON PURPOSE? In the end, this can only help us.