Little Outbursts of Joy

If you’ve ever spent time with young children, you probably notice how they’re always happy, always laughing, and giggling, and playing. It’s like they have a storage of unending joy, never run out.

They don’t yet have the verbal skills to explain to you the secret to their permanent happiness, but if they did, they would probably divulge to you that they deduce their happiness from the little things in life.

It’s always the little things: a gesture–funny, kind, cute, goofy–a grimacing look; a simple laugh. Kids find little outbursts of joy in those little things.

Will you do the same? That’s the difference between children and adults; we take life too seriously; we laugh little, we worry too much. Why don’t we revert to the way we were always meant to be? Laugh about the little things, cry for what matters to us, pray for what we cannot change; the things we have no control over.

Happiness is an accumulation of little outbursts of joy. Laugh at yourself, laugh at a joke not just when it’s funny but because you can. Protect your joy, go to extreme measure to protect yourself because people will go to extreme measure to hurt you, life will go to extreme measure to steal your joy; but you mustn’t let it.

Happiness is the gift that you give to yourself, joy is a given. Cultivate happiness in your life. Be able to say, “I come from a very rich background: I am rich in happiness, rich in kindness, rich in knowledge and wisdom and understanding, rich in generosity, rich in love.”


On Purpose

We have to start living on purpose. It’s high time that we do things on purpose; I mean those phenomena that will benefit us and our loved ones. For instance, be happy ON PURPOSE because believe it or not there are people out there who will on purpose make you mad or sad. Therefore, you have to PURPOSELY  be happy. Instead of focusing all your energy on how that person hurt you and how you can pay him or her back, use that energy to create your own happiness. And when you are happy, other people around you will catch the same breeze.

Next, love ON PURPOSE. Make it your business to love no matter what; the world has enough hatred already. When someone tries to hurt you to the core, choose love. That doesn’t mean you will let people walk all over you; it simply means that you will love that person because it can only help you. Choose love because you can and because you are strong; not because love is the most important thing but because it is in fact the ONLY thing. Love yourself ON PURPOSE. This means that you have to start being kind to yourself, be true and honest to your own self; love yourself enough to know how to genuinely love others. It is simply a fable to try to love other people while you don’t even love yourself.

Another thing that we need to capitalize on is doing good for ourselves and for others; and that we must do ON PURPOSE. Go out sometimes, find people to lend a hand to, be good to them ON PURPOSE knowing that it will benefit you a whole lot more than your mind can comprehend. The caveat is this, don’t expect the same people to return the favor; in fact don’t expect anything at all because that will defeat the purpose. Do good because it feels good, because it feels right, you feel whole, you feel human, it makes you happy.

Lastly, we have to forgive ourselves and others ON PURPOSE because that will be our HAPPINESS. Forgive yourself, don’t be so hard yourself. Forgive other people because you never know what they are going through.  Forgive because it will make your stay here easier; with less load to carry, your journey will be more bearable.

Many a times, we do good deeds by accident, and we do the wrong thing on purpose. Why not try doing the right things ON PURPOSE for a change? Why not be happy ON PURPOSE, love ON PURPOSE, doing good ON PURPOSE, forgive ourselves and others ON PURPOSE? In the end, this can only help us.